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Pro Forma For Action Plan Notifiable Disease


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Thought I would ask you all out there before I have to invent one - but does anyone have a pro forma for an action plan which they would use if a child had been diagnosed with a 'notifiable disease' (from the list identified in the Public Health (Infection Diseases) Regulations 1988).

If not I'll try and invent one!

Thank you

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I don't have one, but the action I had to take when we had one was as follows


Contact HPU and follow any advice given

Notify Ofsted and follow any advice given

Notify LEA and follow any advice given.

Contact Insurance company


One of the above 3 bodies will advise on exclusion, notification of other parents, risk factors etc, It is also important to follow their lead on when you need to contact them again eg 2 more caes, any other case etc.

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