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Im after your thoughts. I am looking at progressing from a 9 to 12 provision to a 9 to 3 provision from Sept. However I'm considering the minimum amount of staff I'm likely to need as we currently don't have any children so will be something I need to build up. Our problem is we are based in a community centre so the toilets are on the outside and children have to be escorted. I'm thinking 3, however it might be difficult for us to do free-flow. I have a thing about leaving staff outside or indoors on their as a way of protecting them e.g. if a child has an accident at least they have a whitness etc. However mrs o said as long as the staff are in ear shot of each other. What does everyone think about this. Am I being OTT.

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I don't think you are being ott at all, we extended to 6 hours from January and because of lower numbers wanting it we started with 3 staff - which was still way over ratio. However as we are a packaway setting in a village hall we found it didn't work at all as we could have 1 adult outside, 1 inside, 1 taking to the toilet, we felt that if there was an accident outside it just wasn't suitable having just 3 staff - and that's without the fact we have to pack everything away in 10 minutes so we can go and get our own children from school.


Sorry i've rambled a bit lol but in short, no I don't think you are being ott :o

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