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Hi guys,


Can anyone give me advice on ways for parents to participate within the setting? I have to include things that already occur, things to encourage more involvement and evaluate our setting's current parent involvement. I can't include fund raising activities and have to include things for parents who can't read and who aren't available to join in sessions during working hours.


I'm finding it difficult because I work for a private school who really don't like to encourage parent involvement. Other than parent evenings, and collection of the children we barely see the parents!


Any ideas welcome x

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Hi Kelly27


Looking at your post you already do parents' meetings outside of working hours so thats one thing

do you do/consider sports days, weekend fetes or things like that


Things like outings and field trips if parents come are all parental involvement


Can parents with an interesting type job come in? eg nurse, firefighter, paramedic that sort of thing


for parents who can't read parental involvement can be encouraged via things like powerpoint slide shows, photos, video clips etc.


As you are a school based setting do you do annual events like concerts and performances - parental involvement their can be coming to watch, making costumes, designing programmes etc.


Hope that gives you a bit of food for thought.

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we also talked about things like hand overs at the beginning end of day, news letters, home liasion books, family events such as mothersday breakfasts, parents inputting on ILDP's, parents completing observations of children at home, the annual trip, email correspondance.

Have you got the text book there are some in there and also if you wnat to expand more we went on to look at children's centres and how they run classes for parents and children

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