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Could anyone tell me what policies and proceedures i HAVE to have as a childminder?


I know there are alot of policies that are good practice to have but i really want to know which ones i must have.

The NCMA website doesn't have this information or at least i can't find it if it does.


thanks x

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Look through the EYFS and they list the essentials. You can then add any of your own that you feel are necessary, or amend your essential ones to cover all eventualities.

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Off the top of my head safeguarding children/yourself, complaints /equal opps/behaviour management/administering medicines/procedure for non collection of child/ not sure if I have missed any out as previously mentioned check your statutory framework for the EYFS it has them in there. When Ofsted recently visited safeguarding and complaints policy were the first to be checked.


NCMA has copies available for download and then you adjust them so they are relevent for your setting. Also the bromley childminding association has every policy under the sun available for download :o


hope that helps xD



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There is no statutory requirement for childminders to have any written policies or procedures but they are expected to be able to define them to parents and Ofsted


You should have a good knowledge of LSCB procedures and what to do if a safeguarding allegation is made against you. You should also ensure parents are aware of how to complaint against you.


But as you say it is good practice to have a range of written policies and procedures as this is what our provision is based on and how we show accountability

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