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Hi, I have been fortunate enough to be shortlisted for an interview and have been asked to do a ten minute presentation with the title:


As foundation stage leader, how would you model effective teaching and learning.


As I sit here gathering my thoughts and deciding how best to approach this, I wondered if anyone out there had any advice, ideas or suggestions that may help to focus my thinking :o It would be much appreciated.

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Think they would be looking for ideas as to the different ways you will model this - via planning and practice - what you do, say, to staff and children - will also be looking in a way at how you define the word 'effective'.

Why not take the initials PPA as a start point and link each initial to outline your ideas reflecting wah they have asked for? Try to get in your views on the importance of the role of (effective) observations too - how you take these forward to next steps.


Good luck!



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Welcome to the forum BusyB and congratulations on your interview :o


I'd include:

1) The importance of the balance between child-initiated and adult-directed learning opportunities, and quality interaction between staff and children in both.

2) Sustained shared thinking: how can you model this to your colleagues, and monitor the quality of their interactions with children? How can you build on the skills of your colleagues?

3) Sensitive and effective feedback to children about their learning. How do you discuss with children what they've learned and what they might do next to extend their learning? How do you lead staff in this and perhaps offer inhouse training and support?


Good luck with this, and let us know how you get on. xD Maybe show us your presentation when it's done?!

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Hi there busyB, congratulations on your interview, I hope it goes well for you.


Good advice already, and Id like to pick up on Jennim's point about what is effective and say that part of your role would be to build the team's shared vision of what this is..


I would also bring in the importance of observing children in order to learn about them.


Given that you only have 10 minutes, Id pick out just a couple of key points and talk around those. 10 minutes is no time at all.


let us know how it all goes..

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Wow, thank you for all the fantastic advice! First time to the forum and wasn't really sure what to expect. It's great!

Have really got something to focus on now and can't thank you enough for your suggestions and support. Will let you know how I get on.

Fingers crossed!


Thank you again :o

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