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Does Anyone Use Pips For Baseline/end Of Fs Assessment?


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Just had a visit from our LEA advisor (who is an Ofsted inspector), who wanted to see how effective my assessment and data in the EYFS was and so I showed him my data, shared Learning Journals, explained how we plan using our observations of and knowledge of the children, use of E-Profile to track children's progress throughout the year etc. We have just been given 'good' by Ofsted and feel that after lots of hard work, we have got to a good place in terms of how we work as a team, collecting and analysing observations and planning with children's interests and needs in mind.


After a short while, I realised that he was less interested in the 'good' practice, but was concerned that my data shows the children leaving Reception at expected levels with some children above age expectation. The problem being that the rest of the school have an issue with pupil progress. KS1 Sats show that many children are not making satisfactory progress. He said that I need to think about the whole school and that I need to make it look like the children enter into school well below average and leave reception still below age expectation! :o I know it is really hard for Year 1 teachers as they are caught between still needing to provide a more EYFS based curriculum, whilst preparing children for Year 2, but I feel really strongly that I should not be manipulating profile data to make it 'look better'.


He even said that I should do PIPs on entry and at the end of FS, to allow for targets to be set at Yr 1 and 2 based on these. He said that the children need to be more 'formally tested' rather than observed in their play. I felt that everything he was telling me was going against all my instincts and were not good Early Years practice.


Just wondered if I was being a bit defensive - does anyone do PIPs or a more formal assessment on entry, or do most do baseline assessments through guided activities and observation of CI activities?



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Guest LornaW

Well Liz I am stunned!


I cannot believe an LEA Adviser could be so manipulative! It is not you who needs to change but the rest of the school need to build on the fabulous work you are doing and keep the expectations up!


What does your school SIP say and was this advsor an EY Advisor?


PIP baseline is a test that last 45 mins per child and I really would not recommend it. I used it in my school 15 years ago but long before EYFS and also before the AfL we use now in early years through observation.


Does this advsier not know that schools are being encouraged to build on YR and do APP in KS1 and KS2? Honestly s/he is talking utter rubbish please stick to your guns and do not dumb down in reception!



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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Liz

Like lorna I did the PIP tests many years ago.Only did the initial one and told HT I would not be doing the follow up one in the summer term as I did not rate the test at all.Like you our LEA ICT department raved at how wonderful they are and I have had to stand up and fight the Early years corner.......we had very mixed messages in our authority and I had to tell the Early years team that they needed to talk to the ICT advisors as the HT were being taken down one path and the reception teachers down another!


Please stick to your guns and talk to your EYFS team about the message you have been given


Tinkerbell x

ps It sounds like you know your children well and they are making good progress.

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Where do people get this absolute rubbish from.

The EYFSP handbook clearly states (somewhere !!! Can't find it right this minute) that there should be no additional tests in FS2 and that the EYFSP is the STATUTORY assessment at the end of the key stage.


Please remember that (and it does pain me to say this!!!!!) they are only advising, and the assessment police will not be checking up on you. You are able to make your own professional decisions about how you manage your data and OFSTED are charged with adjudicating on how well you do it.




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Thanks everyone!

I knew this was the best place to have a rant! I still can't quite believe what he was asking me to do, but have calmed down a bit now. I know that what we are doing in Reception is good and the children are thriving. I may have to err on the side of caution before giving any 9s (although I know I do have a budding genius in the class who I will have to give 9 to in KUW!), just to help out with Year 1, but I know I will NOT be going down the PIPs route. This advisor is part of our SIP but as you point out, he is only advising, and I don't have to act on it, thank goodness!


Thanks again for all your support, you sometimes feel alone in your little EYFS bubble!

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Just wanted to add that I completely agree with all of you! I was in a similar situation earlier this year when my head asked me to keep our profile scores down to help KS1. But I explained how wrong this was and if the progress in KS1 is not satisfactory then this is what needs to be addressed. With lots of persuading I have managed to convince them to take FS ethos into year 1 next year which I hope will prove that results will rise by end of KS1 - so fingers crossed!!

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