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Hi all :(

just a quick note to see if anyone has any references on how children dealing with a parental separtion may experience different types of change and trauma...Have got piles of books and forgot where I have read about it :o . fed up with constantly going through them and the pages just seem a blur at the moment :( . I also need a reference to how the birth of a new sibling may also affect a child xD .



Will be grateful of any help :( Thanks in advance

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I am currently researching 'supporting children with SEN through transition into primary schools' for my independant study. I guess this is not what your looking for.

However I have come across some interesting websites for information and references:


. www.teachertv.com

. www.nfer.com


These suggest how you could be supporting children through transition such ahs having a new member to the family and the inclusivity measures/practices which could be adopted.

Sparklebox.com also have good resourses to download andn print such as games {or could use books} to help children understand


Sorry cant be of more help.

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Oh wow, thank you Maz, I was nat aware of this!!!

No problem Mel. If you prefer not to use Sparklebox in future there are quite a few threads on here suggesting alternatives.



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