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i was just wondering how everyone has managed to change to 15 hours?

We are still working on 12 and a half and i cannot work out how to change!!

I run sessional care 2 sessions a day, 5 days a week. 2 out of my 5 staff would be unable to do more hours as they have school age children themselves (also 2 are studying at the mo so probably not able to change hours). We can't afford more staff!

We have a half hour lunch break (HA HA!) and the setting is not big enough to have more than the 18 we are registered for so change over couldn't be back to back.

I have been asking our early years advisor this question for the last 18 months and am now getting deperate ....how much time do they think we need to tell parents our plans for september?! xD

HELP!!! :o

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we changed from 2 sessions a day 9-12 then 12.30 to 3 mon to fri to hours of 9-3 with them being able to drop off at 12 to 3 and pick up at 12, 1, and 3


some just do their 15 hours with us other do and pay for extra. lots of my parents prefer 2 full days and one part day to make up thier 15 hours. the children bring a packed lunch and my staff get a 20 min paid lunch, they stay on premises but have a break waway from the kids.


we are in a pack away setting.


it works well but we werent sure until we actually did it.


it does mean i have more children able to come and therefore more income to play with. we have 73 on roll at present

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