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Multiples Of Ten


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Hello there!


I am a student currently on my last placement- eekk!! I am having so much fun but always struggle with maths. One of my areas this term i addition leading to double digit numbers with carrying. I have my lesson ideas planned but I am struggling with multiples of ten and need some advice from the experts. I am planning on recaping 10 with single digits e.g. 10 +7, 10+4 etc. What is the best way to teach this to the children tho? I know it is a recap and they will know what to do but I don't know how to explain this concept. xD I have all my games in place for after the learning, it is just the main teaching points I need advice with....please. What is the best way to reinforce the concepts. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it!




PS i have no idea if this is the right forum page! :o (newbies-eh?!) x

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Hi isma and welcome.


If you are teachin in yr2 then this is fine and i cant imagine that you are doing that with anyone else. If its yr 1 I'd better revise my plans!!!


I have found some excellent maths resourceshere!


Hope that helps.

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Guest LornaW

Welcome isma!


Are you looking at place value and partitioning? if so do you have the cards for this. Also I have always found Dienes apparatus very helpful to explain the difference between the tens and units to children and to exchange units for tens. Here is a link (afraid i am not as good as Susan at bedding them into words!) that may be of interest





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Thank you! :) yeah it is for P3's, which I think is the equivalent to year 2.


I appreciate your responses so thank you! :) x

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Hi there

are you sure you need to do carrying with year 2's - normally if their adding 2 digits at this age its partitioning the 2 digits into tens and ones - using a number line - I'd check if your school has a calculation policy to see which method is approriate for the age. I ve just done adding 2 digits with some bright year 1 s which we did on a blank number line


eg. 23 +25 - bit tricky to show you on here


so start with 23 add the 10s eg. 23 +20 = 43 and then add the 5 ones - ( however this was visually done on the number line to show the tens jump )


if its just multiples - apply the same asking the children to count on the number of tens eg. 23+40 - so count on 4 tens


Not sure if I 've helped or just confused thiings


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