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Came across this site by mistake and now can't keep off it. i am at the start of my NVQ3 and it's nice to know there is help out there as we have all been through it.

I have raved about this site to all my colleagues on the course and told them to join.


Can anybody help on this question 'how children construct their own view of the world thru using their own intellectual capacity and the nature of their environment'


I know what i want to say in my head but lost the plot and can't put it to paper!


Any offers?



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Just wanted to say hello - I think I missed your first post! Welcome in anyway. :D


I can't help with your first question, but if no-one else has found it by tomorrow, I know Helen will be online, so I'll point her at you! :)

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hope this will help:


Play is fun through learning

Play sorts reality from fantasy- It helped with sorting of events

Events can be played out

Group play develpos vocabulary and social skills

It is outlet for anger- it helps concentration


good luck


I need luck tommorow, getting assest on E3, C5 and C7, hope to finish them.

If you stuck again, just ask.

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A huge subject!

I thing it's about children being active participants in their learning. Children are naturally inquisitiveand have a drive to explore and experiment.

If they are encouraged to do so, with lots of interesting resources and knowledgeable adults who know when and how to intervene, children learn through DOING.

If children are positively encourage to follow their spontaneous inclination to explore ideas and objects they build up a picture of their world and the way things work. eg, playing with water or sand, children will learn about how they move, what they feel like, how you can control and manipulate them, etc.

By using all of their senses, and having the self-confidence to have a go and to take risks, children progress by building on their existing knowledge, refining their theories about the world.

Hope this makes sense, and doesn't sound too much like a lecture! :o

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