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Hi everyone,

I have a child at preschool with Autism and our Area SENCO has advised that we use PEC's to support his communication. I found a good site and have copied and pasted 32 pages of pics. I have attached an example of some of them. If anyone would like any more please PM me with your email address because the files are too big to attach here. I also have some info on producing schedules for the pics.

The site is;






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Hi, my setting bought Boardmaker to print pictures to be used in picture exchange. The folder and CD cost about £150 but we also use it to print small pictures for children's coat pegs, make lotto games and a visual timetable. We bought it as it was recommended by our local special primary school.


We received training in how to introduce PECs with an autistic child, it needs two members of staff - one to sit opposite child and one to sit behind and guide child in picking up, moving and releasing the picture. It does depend on the individual child and how quickly they pick up using PECs to communicate.


On a separate note, we also use sign along signs with children with hearing difficulties (and teach simple signs to all children in the room - inclusion). I believe there are pictures/symbols to go with that but the Speech Therapist gives us what we need. We don't use makaton.

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