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As one of the children in our group has shown an enormous interset in London, I am planning a theme around this after Easter. I have a some ideas that I have written down but would love to hear any from you good people. Its a shame we are just so far away, no chance of a day trip!!

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I got this fab playmat for my little girl at Christmas. Not sure if you have a budget, if not you could laminate and stick landmarks around an existing mat. Or you could put them round the outside area and visit them on bike/scooter buses. The children could make maps, take a picnic pack bags etc. for their trip to London



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In the back of some diaries there are maps of the underground - could you copy and enlarge them and use them somehow?


What about the attractions:


Big Ben

Houses of parliament

London Eye

Madame Toussords (?)

Science museum

London Buses

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace - Who lives there?

Etc, etc. etc


Can you place them on a map and/or even draw some of them.


Don't know how old the children are you are talking about so not sure what they can do :o

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Guest Spiral



Could you do London as you go through the Thames or London by tube stations.


Actually a better thought, maybe London by the museums (science, history, art galleries etc)..



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Do you have an old Monopoly board?


Stick photos of known landmarks over the squares and use it for counting on/ back.

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