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Hi everyone, well got interviews lined up for next week just a quick question and sorry if its been asked before.


We are a committee run playgroup the leader doesnt want to take part in this with her stepping down, says she wants me to handle it i'm deputy and due to take over as leader in Sept.


so on the panel will be the reception teacher from school, we do some hours in the setting and new staff have to be willing to work in there if need be.



and who else? chair can't take time off work with half term coming up, so we have asked the seceratary but she can only do 1 day the administrator (but shes not a offical committee member )said she would step in for 2nd day..


just wondered if we have a legal requirements to fulfil to ensure equal opp's etc.

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Ask someone from your early years team to come along.


We had a very helpful EYA in to do recent interviews with us, it was really useful as she could give an outside and objective opinion.


Mind you, we are not exactly snowed under with suitable candidates!


Is there anyone else from committee who can help? Really as the employers I suspect they would need to be present. What about your treasurer?

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I opened my own Pre-School in September, so when I started interviewing it was just me!! I did check on here and with my PLA advisor and was told that this was fine as there really were no other options open to me!!


Hope this helps



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We've always had a member off the committee preferably one of the officers and the Leader - if it's for the leader post then we ask the deputy to do it.


I would try to have the same people at both days otherwise you can't really compare, sometimes its just a feeling which you can only get from talking and meeting the candidate.

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