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Does anyone one know definition of top up fees? I guess it may differ from one county to another but I'm not really sure what is classed as a top up fee and as they aren't allowed I'd like to be clear. I have contacted our funding people but either not go a firm answer or they haven't got back to me





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I think the confusion is in the wording itself and I personally try to avoid using the phase because of its ambiguity.


If you are referring to whether you can ask parents to pay for additonal services over and above their free entitlement, yes you can.


So if like us you are open for extra time over and above the free entitlement, you can charge for that extra service at your normal hourly rate that you charge your non-funded children.


So we currently charge £3.00 per hour, and charge a fee of £1.50 for the additional 1/2 an hour we are open plus £3.00 for lunch.


Does that help?


The key thing is that parents have to be able to just take up the free entitlement if they wish.

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I think that it does differ from county to county. The term top up fees is used by our nef and is not allowed but it isn't charging for sessions above the free entitlement.

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agree .. it is bad wording... top up fee would actually mean you charge more for the grant part of the day to make it the same as the fees you charge for rest of the children.. (assuming this is more )



you have to offer the grant part of the day free.. and can charge for any hours take in addition to this... the rate is your decision...



we used to do bills which showed the hours paid for by the grant and then any hours in addition to this at a rate of xx to get the amount due to be paid..


what you cannot do is have a bill for all the hours and then deduct the amount paid by the grant... which I have heard can happen... even now... again does not reflect the fact that the hours are free and could actually end up as a top up fee if the hourly rate is more than the grant..



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