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Can anyone tell me exactly what is involved when you are accredited please?


Our network has been given CCF approval and the coordinator is wanting to be up and running by Sept.


So is it extra paperwork, separate planning, more detailed obs, ticking of on sheets etc?

i know you have to go though assessments etc.

What about Ofsted inspections - is a a different or extra inspection?


Thank you in advance

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I became accredited prior to EYFS so yes, at the time I had to complete lots of extra paperwork - longterm plans etc

Ofsted inspection also used to be different - additional inspection for nursery education but now everyone is inspected the same.

You may have to complete paperwork to register but after that there shouldn't be anything on top of what you do already.

In my area we have to attend 3 sessions with an EYAT and a certain amount of additional training per year.

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