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Hi everyone

Only intended to be here for 5 mins and that was an hour ago! Whilst browsing around it dawned on me what would inspectors being asking me if they came into my school? We have a 40 place nursery and two reception classes, 1 of which starts in January. can anyone remeber what they have been asked in their interrogation? :o



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We were visited by the dreaded inspectors last spring. The particular inspector was grilling me then as a relatively new co-ordinator was :o -

How did I know where my children were at compared to those in similar settings?

(this seemed to be her agenda right through school)

Fortunately last year I had done the 'pips' assessment (I havent this year as I felt it was too much with eprofile etc) and so was able to give her numerical stuff comparing us to other schools which looked as if we were coming out well.

I am not sure that I would be able to answer the question so well now though as the 'statistical' stuff for the eprofile wont be done till summer.

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we were given a list of things we needed to prepare for OFSTED along with the type of questions we may be asked.


A lot will depend of where your school was last time, and if there were points of development in early years..you will have to show how you have improved your practice since then. So read the last report if there is one. Or in our case, maintained and further developed already good practice.


they asked us about value added, assessments, how we observed children and the teams professional development. We had an NQT in reception at then and they asked about how we were supporting her. they didnt look at work samples, but did spend quite a lot of time in the nursery observing how we all worked as a team..they even came on a home visist with us!! (this was a deliberate invitation on our part)

and no it wasnt a interrogation at all



so when is OFTYED coming then jacqui

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