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can someone help or does anyone have any suggestions? I'm currently open from 9:30 to 12 however would like to provide a 9-3 provision. I already have around 20 children attending who are entitled to NEG so I cannot increase their hrs and charge them for it as many of them do not want this. What should I do

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we were open 9-3


we had to get a variation from Ofsted when we extend our hours.. this was easy to do and did not involve a visit.


we had 2 sessions od 2,5 hours and 1 hour lunch club..parents took their free entitlement and were able to pay for any extra hours which included lunch club.. this allowed for children to stay all day paying for the hour or or have various sessions adding up to their total funded hours.


On changing to 3 hr sessions they had a choice of mornings or afternoons, both in one day up to the 15 hrs a week.


Some came all day, others had all mornings and many a mix of morning or afternoon sessions.


It would not be a case of increasing hours for existing children but getting more into the setting..



We had 20 children at any one time.. and it meant we could have up to 40 children attending in one day.. (often 60 on the books as some were part time )- different group morning and afternoon..


Thin it will be a case of is there a need in your area for more childcare.. would it be viable and could you get the number of extra children needed .




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