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Is anyone on one of these?

My sons out of chool club is asking for new members for their AGM ?

Anybody got any experience of this?

Must admit have no idea who the current members are so not a good start eh?



As a pre-school assistant they once tried to get me to be emergency bank staff for the holiday club on a day when their usual staff were unable to do it (eventually found a staff member).


Any info, advice appreciated

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not able to help with how committee is rune etc.. but an AGM should be a meeting which all parents are invited to wherre you get all the information on how the setting has been run over the last year, financial info/overview etc...


You don't have to be a committee member to attend nor do you have to agree to be a committee member if you attend..


perhaps attend the meeting and ask a few questions like where is the constitution, who are the committee, what jobs do they do, etc etc and get the info you need.. and make a decision on this information as to is you are willing to be on the committee or not..


It should run almost the same as committee you are used to.. but is obviously more secretive, which I agree is not a good thing..



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