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Hello everyone,


I am hoping that someone may be able to help me. My colleague is trying to get a story sack group up and running, but has been told today to add a fact sheet on how the EYFS/ Every Child a Talker links into story sacks. I am just wondering if anyone has included anything similar to this in their story sacks and if, maybe I could see an example.


Thank you.

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I would like to help you a little, we do not have any story sacks within my setting. But could you not look at each story and go from there to make notes on how that story meets the early learning goals. I am not sure if you are looking for a more genitic card/booklets for all the sacks ?

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Guest jane707

It would depend on the contents I think.


Are you looking for links to all 16 Principles of the Eyfs or just to the 6 areas of learning and development?


If it's just to the 6, then you would have...


Psed - a game to promote sharing / thinking about others / something about similarities and differences / choice etc


Cll - a relevant book, comic, brochure, instruction sheet, recipe - fiction or non fiction or both


Psr&n - a maths / shape / space / number / calculating game... and so on.


Or if you are thinking more globally, then simply some blurb to say that a story sack promotes holistic learning and development because it covers all areas of L & D in one neat package.


Hth :o

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