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An easel with 6 paints, also junk modelling bucket is close by and recently children have picked out a cardboard box to paint at the easel as well as taking cardboard tube and painting it then rolling the tube up and down the paper on the easel. Little boy did that for the first time while we were inspected - good lad!

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we have paint pallets brushes and paint on the side (blue red black white yellow) children hep themselves to what ever they need choose their own paper boxes extra, they then are expected to wash it all up when they have finished.

We also have an easel with some colours on

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We are pack away so it varies. We often move it outside where you can splatter and paint with paper on the floor/walls much more easily.


We have lots of foam stampers and rollers. I find boys love to use those, and to paint on a large scale, e.g. on a large piece of cardboard.

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we were packaway, but had an easel with storage underneath on wheels so could have a variety of items there for children to use...


aprons on peg next to area for use..


we had pots of paint on the easel, number varied but usually 8, we made up powder paint into pots as we liked the textures and thickness we could get with it, having ready made as backup but seldom used it. Children used to help mix these so we could have a wide variety of colours too as they mixed well..


in boxes under the easel we had brushes, sponge sticks, shaving brushes, rollers, foam shapes and a tray or two, we had a small table next to or near the easel children used to put these on to use... once taught they were very able to do this..


we also had paint palette or block paint, children also used this if they wanted... there was a pot for the water which they filled or asked to be filled.. this gave a different result and some liked this sort of painting..


Paper.. we had a variety of papers to choose from on the easel which had space for it behind the sloped bit.. this included plain, coloured, wall paper, card and in shapes too, some circles, triangles etc...


end of session we just collected the used items , washed and returned them, actually found that once one item was in use all others tended to follow and use it so often only one lot to wash..


we had a method of putting own paper on easel using pegs on string, so they could do this themselves..


pens and pencils on easel for putting own mark / name on items, or they asked for name to be put on...


and we had a drying rack for them to put the item onto once completed..


overall it was very self sufficient and we found well used area which needed virtually no supervision


we also allowed the paint to travel to the craft area which was next to it.. and craft to the paint...



Enhancements we went with the children and added if we noticed something they were interested in, we often set up a table as a different form of painting as well, which was usually adult supervised, for things like, marble , bubble, string, table top, finger, butterfly, painting etc..



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