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I have been lucky enough to be invited to an interview for a reception post and am rather nervous as I really want this job, and it is my first teaching interview. I have been given a free scope re the teaching part of the interivew, and provided with an opportunity to show off my skills in a curriculum area of my choice.

There will be a group of approximately 10 reception children (no SEN/behavioual needs) and no TA. Although I have a few ideas of lessons which are creative and involve all the children in the group, I would appreciate some advice or lesson ideas (25 mins) which would be suitable for an interview situation.


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Hi and welcome Amanda. Good luck with the interview.


I think a story stimulus and something to follow up would be good in this situation, or a circle time activity of some description. The interviewer will almost certainly be looking at your interaction with the children and the way you engage and relate to them and them to you.


What do you feel are your strengths and how can you best engage with the children?


Dont be too adventurous ie work outside your comfort zone, if you are not comfortable with what you decide to do it will not work for you in this situation as you will be nervous!


If you are a musician that could go down well.

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