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Self Selection In The Baby Room


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Hi Everyone


In our Baby room (0-2yrs) we currently have the majority of the toys stored at adult height, except the larger toys and there are some smaller toys on the window ledges. We generally select the toys to put out using the childrens interests and observations as a guide. The children then choose between whats out to play for


At our recent Ofsted inspection, she mentioned that we need to consider ways to make more opportunity for self selection in this age group. We are struggling for ways to do this.


Just wondering how everyone else does it in their baby rooms and if anyone has any advice or suggestions?


Many Thanks

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One of my favourite settings which has recently achieved anb outstanding, didnt have any shelves at adult height. there was a cupboard for storing toys but they were mostly the same toys that were in the room, just variations of the baby gym, musical pads, balls, soft toys etc for swopping. Everything else was around the edges of the room with play mats and cushions in the centre. The children could pick up and discard anything they wanted, with the staff noting things that werent played with or squabbled over so that each day could be resourced better.

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I have floor level open box style cupboards with toys and books on display for the baies to easily access.


Other toys are in a large shallow wicker basket and 2 wicker dog baskets lined with soft fleecy blankets - the babies crawl in to get what they want or sit in the basket to play with them! :o


There are rugs, cushions and a bean bag on the floor for comfy places to rest or play.


I use large garden trays for shallow messy play - sand etc. I put them on the floor on either a plastic messy mat (sold for use under the highchair) or a large pvc shower curtain (bought for £1.99 in Wilkinsons)


As I childmind in my own home I try to have everything to hand but also easily removed at weekends/holidays.



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