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Do you use student contracts for trainees and students? The reason I am asking is that as one of the areas I would like to develop for the management and leadership module at uni is the 'use' of students and trainees in the workplace, using a mentoring scheme where the students get a named person (me!) to support them. I need to make it look good though and intend to create a student handbook, risk assessment, induction procedure and thought the addition of contracts would be a good one to include. In addition, we have two students working with us at the moment and one hasn't turned up for the past 2 weeks. We've had no notification from her as to why. She is an NVQ student so not a school work experience student (which is who I would expect to act like this).


If you do use contracts, how are they worded? I was thinking of using similar wording to those of employed staff, but obviously adapting them to include time spent at training days for their course, plus any other relevant student-y information such as who to contact in the event of absence including the setting and training providers etc.


Another question is: are student contracts treated in the same way as contracts for employed staff? By that I mean, are there any legal implications for using them? Are they enforceable in the same way that employed staff contracts are?


Again, I am thinking more of long term placed students rather than the odd couple of weeks here and there. I have a different plan in mind for these students, along the lines of a leaflet with basic info on.


Thanks :o

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we didnt have student contracts but do remember having one with the college when we took a student on long term placement.. they came annually to check our insurances, and risk assessments and H&S etc... once they knew us they only did a quick check when visiting a student to ensure it had all been renewed and was up to date.


As to student, they had a named mentor and we did give a handbook, on what was expected, dress code, conduct, confidentiality, breaks etc .. all we felt they would need to know.. and in this we said who to contact if ill, etc.. with a bit to say if they did not contact us we would let the college know..


This we did do a few times and then the college sorted it out for us.. usually after just 24hrs non contact.. and occasionally sooner when we were a bit 'suspect' about the call..one used to get a friend to ring us... another had mum complain to the college that a 6 hour working day was too long to expect.. as she always disappeared lunch time!



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