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'Gentle' is, I think, make a fist with your left hand and stroke it with your right (it is a similar sign to pets)


'Sorry'- you make a fist with your right hand and rub it in a small circlular action on your heart


'Help'- you make a fist with your right hand which is thumb on top like in 'one potato' song and a flat plate, palm up with your left hand. You put the fist of help onto the flat plate. The fist is the help and you offer it where it is needed. So will you HELP ME you bring the plate of help towards yourself and 'shall I HELP YOU?", you offer the plate of help to that person.


'Friends' is kind of shaking hands with yourself.


Very hard to explain verbally much better to watch a video but Makaton don't give much away for free!

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Explained brilliantly thankyou - I just needed my memeory jogging, I have used them before so know whta they look like visually, just hard to remember when you don't use them all the time

many, many thanks :o

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