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Please can you advice me on how you manage child initiated activities and adult focussed activities. We don't always have anyone for support in Reception so I do adult focussed activities and child led running alongside but there isn't anyone observing them. Just wondering how others manage this and I hope this makes sense.


Thanks in advance.


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In both our Nursery and Reception classes, most focused activities are done at a separate small group time - where the children are split up into key groups in Nursery and smaller groups (of 6) in Reception to do activities. The children who do not have an adult working with them are given a teacher-initiated activity linked to the objective. The CI time is mostly kept separate. This allows for adults to be available to observe, support and extend the children's play. It works well for us. (This way of working is suggested on page 16 of the Learning, playing and interacting government document).

Green Hippo x

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