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Hi everyone,


i'm beginning to be in blind panic, and not seeing headway for the amount of work building up. The whole school are being observe by head teacher this coming week, and today was told that the Early YEARS advisor is coming in aswell ths week,to to observe writing in reception. One observation is enough, but now advisor aswell. (not fun) Anyway looking for some inspiration for writing activities and I know you guys have it. Most of my kids are secure with phase two and ready to be onto phase three. confident having a go at writing simple sentences etc, We are currently doing thrree little pigs, so was thinking along the lines of either a mysterious letter appears/mysterious box in f2.


Would be really greatful f any ideas please



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What about:


a warning sign for wolf - ask children what it could say?


a list of materials needed to build one of the houses?


a caption or label for pictures from the story - especially if you have any relevant small world items or puppets?


Good luck



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Have you considered talking to your HT about moving one of the obs? 2 in a week is a lot, if they are both formal observations. Presumably the HTs observation is a formal one and will also presumably have a judgment but the adviser may be informally visiting the class to give guidance/developmental support and so is a different thing - I would check.


There are guidelines on the numbers of observations/how much notice should be given, but I can't recall if that's just unions or wider DCSF. There are stricter guidelines on the observations for perf. Management.



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Guest eagleeye

What about clipboards andpaper and children have to write a list of building materials. Or I have done wanted posters before, the children draw a picture of the big bad wolf and then have to describe him and offer a reward. (Have also done this for pirates!) IF you have any photos of the children building different houses or photos of small world activities they could write a caption/sentence to match.

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