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Early Years Co-ordinator File


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I am currently trying to put together an early years co-ordinator file, as there doesn't appear to be one at present. Just wondered about the types of things I should be including in it.


So far I have the following:

Early Years policy

Action plan 2004-2005

Evaluation of action plan 2003-2004

Audit of resources

Information about the process we went through to get our covered play area



What else needs to be included?? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Love Tinyone

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Moderated examples of FS profile assessments?

Copies of specific documents parents may be issued with over the year? (One of the things we do is to hold a reading meetinf at which we give a variety of handouts)


Just a thought...


Fox xx :o

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I have a school standard proforma somewhere which we had to all use for our last OFSTED. Some of the categories don't quite fit as i was a mere maths coordicator then, but we still use most of the headings now. I cant put my hand to it just now.


In addition to what you suggested I know it contained courses or training any member of staff had (either in or out of school); budget info, and any funding bids, report to governing body (annual); my job description; long term vision; home school booklet and induction procedures; and proformas of various sorts (eg planning, observations etc). Probably others, that was just off the top of my head.


any more anyone?

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Just been given this list of information required by subject coordinators- we are preparing for a long overdue OfSted...

School development plan/subject dev. plan/action plan

Last Ofsted rpt

Data- eg Pandas,

Courses available to staff

Inset attended by co-ordinator

Inset delivered

Scemes of work


Monitoring evidence

Examples of work (portfolio)

Relevant DFEE publicatios

Lists of resources and where they are!!!

Examples of planning

Risk asss

LEA correspondence/ minutes of pyramid meetings

Record of budget


lucyd :o

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