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Sadly not an ad for how you eat your cadbury's cream eggs! But a plea to ask people how they organise a typical Nursery session(I am part of a school btw). I have spent ages looking through the forums but can't seem to find anything that gives me advice easily.


I read that free-flow and equal access to inside and outside is the best thing (and I do like it) but should we go straight into free-flow and then miss out on a hello/welcome/what are we doing today type session? If I do stop for a hello session then what should they do when they come straight in? and for how long? Do you interupt their CI activities to do a hello session?


If I don't stop then how can I introduce new resources, highlights of certain activities without having to wait till the end of the session to talk about tomorrow's activities!


Lucyhobbit - with a head fit to explode with contradicting messages!

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Hiya lucyhobbit,


I think that a hello/welcome is quite necessary for most children, however, if there are those who are too young or unable to grasp the concept/disrupting etc, they should be able to spend time at an activity of their choice as long as they are not being disruptive when the others are enjoying the welcome.


We always had a welcome time as it is time to get to know each others names, catch up on the weekend and ask if there is anything the children would like out. It doesn't have to be first thing, it could be later and it doesn't have to involve everyone.


good luck,


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I am in a nursery attached to a school.


We always had our hello/ news first thing but it got incredibly difficult when there were constant interuptions with children arriving late etc.


Also each time we had new children start they didn't want or many weren't able to sit still for long enough to do that so now we let the children come straight in and play. The doors are open from the beginning of the session until tidy time!


If we are introducing a new idea..... or something new to do like felt making for instance the children who are interested are at the table before you ask for them to come anyway!!!

We always provide opportunities to revisit the activity so everyone gets chance to take part.

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for many of the reasons above we now do a very brief welcome on the carpet 5 mins after doors after. This is register, helping hand, counting - then off to play asap. Then we gather again before snack for show and tell, circle time, whatever else needs to be said.


Working well so far!

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