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We have recently been advised by our ELA to introduce a snack bar/cafe. :o I was wondering if anyone already runs this idea or is considering it and could send some practical tips my way.

Looking forward to your help xD


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Hi Aslett - welcome!


We introduced a snack bar at a preschool in which I worked for a while and we were very keen to do as you are doing now - find out the pro's and cons, as I can remeber here are some of the points that we discussed:


-Hygiene -

Training the kids in handwashing

Obviously making sure that used cups and snack are disposed of - having a 'bin for the remains (great for making compost as KUW activity!) and a basin for used cups.


-A suitable place - being near a tap, not to 'busy', seating.


-Adults 'checking' the area for refilling and cleaning up spillages


-Linking it to other things we were doing in the preschool - for example one week we made it into pizza hut!


-The 'amount' of independence that you want the children to have - will the pour their drink? will they have access to a cloth if they spill their drink? Will they be able to take their drink away or will they have to drink it there?


-One other issue that was brought up (after we started!) was the 'equal' distribution of snack as some children were eating more than others.


-Having open and closed times - for example 1/2 an hour before lunch as kids were filling up on fruit and then not wanting to eat their lunch.



I think that its a lot about training and modelling (I seem to remember drinking rather a lot of orange squash for the first couple of weeks)


Hope this helps

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