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I have been told by Early Years it would be a plus to have job descriptions for our senco, behaviour managment and inclusion co- ordinators

Dos anyone else? Where will |I find one to look at , to get me started in writing them?

Are they already written some where?

Thank you very much for any advice

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sorry not good at attachments this is better for me,


Responsible for: Ensuring good practice

Responsible to: Proprietors of pre-school/lead practitioner


Job description: The Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator is responsible for:




Ensuring that the Equal Opportunities policy is implemented by all staff

Ensuring that all resources reflect a variety of ethnic groups, genders, cultures, ages and disabilities, and ensuring that they are suitable for all children with the pre-school

Updating their own knowledge and practice and attending any relevant training

Keeping updated on current good practice for Equality of Opportunity and any changes within relevant legislation

Cascading good practice and any changes with in relevant legislation to all staff

Liaise with other agencies as required

Ensuring that the Equal Opportunities policy is regularly reviewed and updated

Advising all staff on good practice

Liaise with Parent/carers as required


Our Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator is:

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Thank you AUSSIE for your persistence! :o

No I dont need any more, I have the idea now and can write the rest needed


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