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I have been teaching a Reception class in a state school for 7 years and left at Christmas. I now have a job teaching in a 3-4 year olds room in a private day nursery. As you can imagine this has given me lots to think about.

If anyone can help with how different this will be I would be very grateful - obviously the whole 'day care' side is going to be a learning curve!

We have some children who are full time and others who just do mornings or afternoons.

I would be interested in looking at some planning, both medium and short term, if anyone would like to share.

Also how people run a day - do you have any whole group/class carpet sessions?


Thanks in advance

Sunbeam xx

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Hi there sunbeam, congratulations on your new job.. as you say learning curve it will be.

If you are coming into an established setting, I would always start with what is already there. Are you able to talk through with colleagues how things are done now, and ask their views on what could be improvements for the future?


If you search for 'plannng' or 'routines' you will come up with lists of suggestions, which you may want to look at in time, but unless your nursery is brand new, get you feet under the table first and get to know the space,place, children and colleagues before making any big changes.

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