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Reception Class Setting Forum?


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I must start by saying I think this is a great site and I have really enjoyed reading many of the posts in the different forums! I have found some great ideas and links to other websites.


So far my experience of working with children has only been with reception, and next year I'm set to have a mixed class including Year One children. I visit the nursery where the majority of our children attend once a week which is brilliant for building a picture of their experiences before reception. The nursery is not on site and therefore the 'foundation stage unit' will never be an option. Reading posts on this site has been great for bringing me back from paperwork mountain to working and playing with children heaven!! :o However, I feel, and have read about on this site, reception classes have rather different 'setting' and 'management' and ..... issues to other pre NC settings. The point being... I think it would be useful to also have an area on this site where 'reception class' teachers could post their discussions.


So tell me xD ... Am I being lazy? Should I just look through the 'nursery settings' postings to find relevant information? or Would other people be interested in a reception class area?


Looking forward to hearing your views! :)

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Hi Christine -

Good point, and thanks for raising it. There are some amazing discussions going on with regard to reception class issues, and it can take some perseverance to track them all down. :o


I'm just about to start disentangling all the categories and forums and try to come out with a more useable format so this is good feedback. I'd more or less decided that we needed to have separate setting forums, although I'm trying to also work out a structure which allows different practitioners to contribute outside their own area. One of the great things about this forum has been to see NPs and RTs talking to each other, so I'd like to see this continue and grow.


It was necessary to start with an educated guess structure allowing people to zoom in on their particular areas of interest - now with the benefit of experience I can try to make that structure more appropriate to the members here. Any future suggestions will be gratefully received! :D



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