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Plenary In Nursery


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Have had an NQT lesson observation in Nursery and we are discussing plenaries.


Is it actually EY practice to have a plenary and how is it done?


I have been advised to do photos of the children learning in the various areas as a slide show on the whiteboard, but as there is only one whiteboard it is really too many children to sit around and have meaningful discussion. we normally operate in 3 smaller groups.


Any ideas will be very welcome.



Lou xxxxxxxxxx

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I would say no it isn't appropriate. It's a primary teaching construct that isn't suitable for 3 or 4 yr olds.

Have a discussion in your small groups about things they have noticed today or something they liked about the room that day that they might want to do again tomorrow but I wouldn't be trying to engage a large group in something as abstract as a plenary They'll just stare at you or quite rightly wriggle off the carpet and do something more interesting instead!!



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