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Can anyone help me in advsing how i write analytical reports? I have to write two reports 1500 each based on work based tasks.... First one is about an aspect of KEEP ... working with parents and the wider community


Second is on promoting independence.


I am a childminder and to be honest i am reallystruggling on how to begin this report...how to structure it..etc


Any advise???

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The only thing I know about a report is that you use headings which probably isn't much use - sorry!


Have you looked on you uni website for writing skills advice? They may well have some guidance for you.


If not I'm sure some knowledgeable person will be along to help soon :o

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Hello Stepz,

I would start with a brief overview of KEEP, stating how it is important for self-evaluation of your practice. I'd go on to talk about how it fits with recent research, eg EPPE and REPEY projects, and elements of the EYFS. I'd then talk about my practice in working with parents and the wider community, relate it to KEEP and the EYFS; it's important here to not just describe your practice, but state what impact it has on the outcomes for children. Finally, I'd talk about areas for improvement that I have identified.You'll find some useful information on the PEAL website. Hope this gives you a start :o


As for the independence piece, I'd pick out all the bits in the EYFS that talk about promoting independence, and how you do it in your childminding setting. Again, don't forget to say why you do what you do, and talk about the impact your practice has.

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