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Hi all,


Had out joint annual review with our EYAT and feel very positive about it all. She was very supportive and valued us and what we were doing. You come away from a meeting like that feeling inspired and ready for the next steps. :oxD:(


One action that was suggested was that we develop a 'settling in plan' for the new children, with perhaps a sheet of a few questions that the parent can fill in with their child before they start pre-school. Perhaps - What food do you like? What are your favourite toys? Does anyone have some suggestions what else to ask or any other ideas?


Thanks for the help


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we had a bit on our registration forms for this... things like.


any brothers or sisters.. and with names

pets with names

things they enjoy doing

any special words we should be aware of

attending another group?

anything else you feel we should be aware of that may be useful.. eg recent move of house, family bereavement/ illness etc.


and then the one suggested by an Ofsted inspector which was


is there anything you feel we may find useful about your way of life culture or religion


there is always sleeping / naps if needed?

what kind of cup are they used to at home? etc


and probably loads more you could ask, we tried to keep it to the ones we felt important or it couild get too long..



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