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Hi at present our school are having a dilema as to what to use to level children in year one if they are not achieving a level 1c. We are currently still using the FS profiles however P-scales have been mentioned. I know P-scales are for children with special needs however we are finding it difficult to marry the FSProfile points to APP to show progression.


What do you use in your year one classes when children are not reaching a level 1c?



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Teachers in Year 1 can continue to use the EYFSP as their assessment tool for children where they consider this to be appropriate. This will be particularly the case for children who have not obtained any or most of the ELG - scale points 4 to 8 - in a particular EYFSP scale. The point at which teachers begin to use APP criteria is a matter for professional judgement and the teacher's knowledge of the child. Teachers will need to consider carefully which criteria best match the child's developing strengths and needs, and support them in identifying the next steps in their learning.


Teachers will also need to use their judgement to determine whether a child has not achieved the ELG as a result of a special educational need. Children with identified special educational needs who are likely to be working below level 1 at the end of the key stage should be assessed in relation to the P scales.



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Yup - exactly as Marion has posted.


You can see links up into APP from across the EYFSP, not necessarily from the same subject area. E.g for KS1 science assessment will come from LCT. However if Yr1 teachers don't know what the "content" of a scale point is rather than just a number they'll spectacularly fail to understand what any child is capable of doing in the first place!!!


APP doesn't cover art, music, history, geography, ICT, PE or any of the other statutory aspects of the national curriculum so what are they using to assess children in these areas of the curriculum?



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