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Just a quick question, we have been told that should those lovely people from OFSTED decide to visit that we may fail on not having a big enough outdoor area. Yes it is rather small and restricted but we are working towards improving the provision but realistically a larger outdoor area is at least a year down the line. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a minimum area for Year R's outside provision?




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I can't help you with year R school specific rules, but do know of local PVI's with no outside space at all that have been awarded outstanding. I think it comes down to how well you use both the space you have and other available open outdoor spaces such as local parks etc.

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I don't think there is a size requirement for outdoor areas!


We were "done" in Feb last year and it said in the report about the good use of fairly small areas outside for us in nursery and reception................


I don't think that the size matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is defintely how effectively you use it as part of your classroom and I think maybe the free flow element too


Anyway unless specific guidelines are brought out who is to say what is small and what is large?

Surely its about making the most of hwat you've got!


I though our area to be a good size........... so its obviously subjective!


I think if you are also working towards accessing a larger area, you have everything covered!

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