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Year 1 Planning Objectives


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I am a receptoin/year 1 teacher. I have recently changed my style of teaching for year one to include child intiated and continuos provision. However i find planning slightly difficult and i would like to plan in the same way for year one as i do for reception. Eventually i would like to create a document of year one objectives similar to the profile. I think this is going to take some time so i wondered if any one out there has done one yet to save some time.


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I too teach Year R/1 mix and have put together a document which contains green stepping stones, ELG's and National curriculm for key stage 1 (Numeracy startegy for maths, but not Literacy sorry - haven't got that far yet but did download medium term polans for r/1 literacy from web which are useful will try to attach them too at some piont)


Anyway don't know if it will help but happy to post it


Apologies for typos :-)


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