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We as some of you will be aware I have recently been promoted to deputy and officaily take over has senior in Sept... however the senior now has asked me to complete a QIP our LEA have asked for it.....


and you guessed we haven't done it! :o


What kind of things do i put in it... there are many areas of provision i would like to improve...


does it have to be all (cosmetic) outdoor area needs a total overall... we need to decorate inside....


but then staff need to update their training


pointers please

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Hi there mk5698, first of all dont panic.


Do you have anything recorded from staff meetings, SEF, or any other QI conversations you have had as a staff, what your priorities currently are? These would be a good place to start.

We always recommend that QIPs come from the whole staff and are part of a focused discussion on a particular aspect of your provision.


So for example if your outdoors is a biggie for you to develop, you would need to discuss with staff in what way you want to develop it, and break that task down into small steps for example:

what is it that you want your outdoor area to look like?

How do you want to use it (eg free flow?)

What resources will you need.. will this require fundraising?

have you consulted children and parents?

Do staff need any training and how will this be accessed?


These are just examples which would lead to small actions, which would then be written on your plan.


A number of members have made reference to the QI format they use, but there is also one in the EYQISP book toward the back.


If you haven't done anything so far, you may want to carry out some kind of audit of your practice. This is done again in different ways in different LAs.

Do you have an EYAT you can call upon for support, its by far and away the biggest part of my job, is supporting settings through this process and helping them to prioritize rather than trying to juggle too many things all at once.

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Ive just noticed your other thread about snack time, this could easily be something you write into your QIP


Hi Thanks Mundia for the reply, we have completed the SEF so will look at that and see what went into it. we dont currently hold staff meeting very regulary normaly once a half term and it doubles has a planning meeting too, we've just had one last week thats ow ive got the job of filling in the QIP.


I personlly feel there are loads of issues that need addressing, and not sure just how long/comprensive the list can be!!


we are having a visit later this week form LEA will speak to her in more depth.

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There isnt really a 'length' as such, but it must be manageable. You may have lots of things you want to do, but some will have to wait.. Im a big believer in better to do some things well than a lot of things badly.


The key is to thinking what are the most important things and what will have the biggest impact?

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When we have lots to cover, I try to put the most manageable down first and aim to do them in a short time period. The rest I put on a less detailed "wish list" and then as I get through the easier tasks I put more detail into them and give them a time frame. The only thing I would say is that if you think they might be of immediate concern to Ofsted I'd put a time frame on the tasks even if you can't get them done really soon to show you recognise their importance.

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You need to identify which areas you are 'worst' in and need immediate improvement. You can look at any past inspections, monitoring carried out by LA, questionnaires that may have been filled out by staff or users of the setting to help identify this. Then just focus on the improvements for these areas, not getting sidetracked into implementing other things. As mundia says, you won't be able to do everything at once, so better to do a few things really well. :o

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