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Hi all

I have just finished analysing our profile results for the year so far and at the moment children seem to be undersachieving in KUW and CD (Musical aspects) Part of the reason i feel is due to the experiences and provocations we provide in these areas. I owuld be very grateful if you could all help me compile a list of activities i can provide in order to allow children to access these areas pf learning.

At the moment in order to meet KUW we provide


Investigation area

Kiddy cams, remote control cars etc..




For cd musical we provide

a performance area with instruments, cd's

box of instrument in the musci area



Any other thoughts, ideas or comments would be welcomed



Many thanks



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I would look in more detail at the framework and the aspects of the areas of learning, for example you make no reference to time or place under your KUW provision.


the effective practice/planning and provision columns give you a good steer on what you should/could be doing to develop those elements.


How much do you include music in your everyday activities - e.g. using instruments to enhance story telling/reading so you can model ways of using things. Children may not be making those links for themselves.


Much of KUW/CD is linked to talk -children discussing their ideas and sharing their thinking rather than it being an outcome per se, how much sustained shared working/thinking is going on in the setting that focuses on children working in those areas? If adults don't talk to children about their ideas they may not be gathering the right type of evidence to capture their underlying skills, knowledge or understanding?



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