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I have just received a lovely package of 1000 photos that we have had developed charting the opening of our setting from September onwards.


I want to put them into an 'Our pre-school's Learning Diary' type folder.


I am trying to decide on the best way to organize; Chronologically or in mini-sub-topics or under the 6 area headings and then broken down further into 'mark making', 'making music', 'Exploratory play' etc.


Any advice?

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Sort piles before sticking is my advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry being silly!!!!


I personally think you should be showing just how holistic play is rather than trying to split each activity into one area.......


So I suppose I might go chronologically! :o

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I think it depends what you want to use them for. I agree with you partly Scarlettangel in that play is holistic and so maybe there doesn't need to be any categories or sections. However if parents or practitioners wanted to see how outdoor play is provided by the setting, for example, it would be good to know that all the photos from one area were stored together.


The problem with splitting into the six areas of learning is that you might find it difficult to categorise them. For instance, I have a lovely picture of three children using the bilibos for stepping stones, which is a great physical activity. However my real reason for taking the photo was that the eldest of the three was being sensitively supported by two younger children who were actually more confident than their older friend and were holding her hands and encouraging her to go for it!


I'd suggest you have a good think about what purpose this album is to serve and decide what to do from there. But Scarlettangel's tongue in cheek suggestion that you sort them into piles is a good one - make sure you're well organised before you start filling albums!



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