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This is my first post and second time writing this very same message! I am not really sure if it is going to work but I hope it does!


I am currently in my final year on the BA Primary Education degree with QTS. I decided to subscribe to the forum after finding some of the topics really useful to get me started on my dissertation. I have been a member for a few weeks now but this is the first time I have plucked up the courage to actually start a topic.


I am currently writing my dissertation and am doing a small research project looking at the transition of children from Foundation 2 to Year 1. So far I have completed a small survey with a year 1 class to find out what play based activity they miss the most now they are in Year. I am then going to implement this activity in the year 1 classroom and observe the children. Secondly I have interviewed a group of children to find out what they think to being in year 1 and how it is different.


I would now like to get a parents view and find out what parents think to play in foundation and in year 1. I was wondering if anyone had any sample questionnaires that they have sent out to get a parents perspective.


I look forward to reading any responses I may get!

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Hi Sprogit and welcome to the forum.


I'm afraid I can't help with the questionnaire but would be happy to complete on as a parent. My daughter was lucky enough to be in a joint reception/year one class last year and I know that the play based ethos in there was very valuable to her.


Good luck with your dissertation.

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