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Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting so i hope it works! Fingers crossed! Our topic this term is clothes, we have been looking at clothes around the world, clothes for different weather etc but I am wondering if anybody has any other inspiring ideas for a boy heavy class that will keep them nice and active?

Any ideas would be most helpful as i am having a day where i am not feeling very inspired! Must be my lack of sleep after last weeks inspection!!


Thanks in advance everyone!

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Hi Cayne, welcome to the forum, congratulations on making your first post, the first of many we hope. How about the boys designing an outfit for a superhero - what would it need to have, what fabric would be best etc, what logo,


p.s. hope inspection went well

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clothes shop role play, design a football kit/outfit for super hero, guess the item of clothing (in a bag or blind fold them) whats your favorite clothes? bring in or wear..... not sure i'll have a think!

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We have just done a few weeks on clothes...


We did Mrs Honeys hat for 2 weeks... the boys loved this (slowly the things from her hat are taken and replaced with spiders and fish bones ect)


Our focus tasks were making hats (out of newspaper) robin hood style (we cut out feathers and pirate sculls flowers for girls etc to decortate) and these gorgeous roll up hats ill send a photo if you wish?

we had a shoe shop as roll play.

Matched socks into pairs

had a washing line up to do this in free time.


Then we did smartest Giant in town.

He gives his clothes away until in the end hes just in his underwear (boys loved this) haha


Our focus tasks were decorting ties long and short (learning longest shortest)

we drew round a tall TA and the boys decorated the GIANT!

We also enhanced our continous provision to match.

We also decorated our own scarfs (triange material)

painting easel had t shirts cut from material with sponges pens etc to decorate.


We plan next week to hold a fashion show to parade our lovely scarfs.


I can send the plans if you wish?


Katie x

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I'll try and put photos on tomorrow, weve had a new camera so will give it a charge tonight :)


We also made our investigation/water area into clothes and dolly washing (although i doubt this will attract boys)


I'll keep thinking katie x

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You could try the book Aliens love underpants…my boys loved it. Sparklbox (if you can still use it) has lots of funny underpants templates, I printed them out and put numbers on them. The children loved pegging them on the washing line.


I’ve also used socks for counting in 2’s. I know it’s not completely cloths but it fits.


Have fun Nicky.

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How about a football shirt number line - either real (with donations!) or make with with internet photos. Could also print off photos of football / rugby / hockey teams playing and use them on an IWB for a spot the numeral game!


I've made a role-play launderette before which was good for sorting activities. Bought lots of cheap socks from Primark, in different colours, patterns and sizes! Quite a few of my boys did play in the area, but don't think my current ones would!

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