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I would like to make a box of sounds but am having a mind block, I have:


Bicycle bell

squeaky toy

bunch of keys

packet of crisps


pasta in a small tuppaware box


The idea is that an adult will shake the item in a box so that it can't be seen and the children will try to guess/describe the sound. I want to steer clear of musical instruments as we do this as a separate activity.


What else can I put in it? Ideas greatfully recieved.

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sand in a pot makes a different sound to the pasta... and using a box instead of a bottle or pot changes it again.. they will soon be able to distinguish the difference.


I set up a sound box for children to use... I had loads of old vitamin pots given to me, labels removed but any set of pots which are all the same work.. they do need to be the same... the vitamin pots were good though as they had childproof lids... which were a good deterrent from opening them all although as we all know there is always one determined child... we glued them on too if they were to be unsupervised..


I set them up as pairs of sounds.. so two had same amount of sand in them, 2 had water, 2 had large peas etc.. had about 10 pairs in the end... and children used to spend ages making them into pairs by finding the same sounds...


I have also done this as sets of 3 pots with 2 the same sound and one different.. to find the odd one out.. this time allowed for a variety of pots to be used...



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This has just spurred me on to email our parents with a request for empty vitamin containers!

Thanks for the inspiration - I had seen this on our letters and sounds training last year but hadn't got around to doing anything about it.



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