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I was really interested in Alison Harmer's article on the Home Page entitled 'Music, personal social and emotional development ....and you?'


I attended a couple of day long courses last term which were great, entitled 'Bringing Stories to Life' and 'All singing all dancing' which both contained lots of useful practical advice and resources.


Since attending the course, we have started using books and music to bring stories to life with 'drama' sessions. Last week we had an artic adventure, next week we will be using Jack and the beanstalk following on from a child's interest in the book.


The hardest part I find is trying to think of suitable music. In Alison's article she explains how she uses 'All shook up" as a great song for bouncing a soft toy on a sheet and "I want you to be my teddy bear" which I have already noted and will be using as part of the calming down, bridge out of the drama. In our arctic adventure we used 'Shake, rattle and roll' for making a fish pie (shaking in the peas and potatoes and stirring (roll) the mixture' and the music to Ski Sunday for our ski-ing actions etc.


The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed doing the actions to the music. So I was wondering if any of you had any other suggestions for music you have used in this way.


And particularly can you suggest any for Jack and the Beanstalk? -


The Only way is up - perhaps :o .

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I used 'Rockin Robin' by the Jackson five for a winter theme last year when we were making bird cakes etc. My daughter and I made a powerpoint story about a robins life story. Not sure if its any good for what you are doing? We made beaks and danced. The song is on the first slide and the last slide has a robin call. I can't attach a powerpoint so if your interested contact me.


'I've got a brand new combine harvester' when we did tractors as part of our farm visit.

'Walking on the moon' for our space walk which was white fabric over pillows

'African drums' for Handa Surprise

theres more but the minds gone blank.


To get inspiration for a track to use I often type key words into spotify and see what comes up. I've typed in beanstalk and come up with 'Climb that beanstalk' by Tom Knight which sounds perfect !!!

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I thought of "Reach" or "I'm coming up" but my 15 year old daughter says it has to be "the Climb"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

Does it say much about my age that my first thought was "Jumping Jack Flash"! xD

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Thank you so much for your replies and apologies for delay in response. I don't seem to be getting as many posts winging their way into my inbox as I normally do so I didn't think I'd had any responses to this post and came across it whilst looking for something else - how silly of me!!!


Some great ideas that I will use.


I also thought of the following for general use:



Singing in the rain

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