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I know that most people have probably already completed this topic during the autumn term, but we are doing it after half term- Any existing plans or ideas would be greatly received- Thank you!

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Our children love to look in a mirror and draw a self portrait, I have also extended this and sat 2 children face to face to draw each other, they always draw a smiley face :):)



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Guest alisonjayne

We did the same used mirrors and did self portraits they were brilliant, we went on later in the topic to look at our bones and the children painted skeletons with white paint on black paper we used the book Funny bones as inspiration as well as looking at non fiction books and model skeletons.


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We used the Funnybones book as well and then used art straws on black paper to do our skeleton pictures. Most of the skeletons looked rather odd, but it was all their own work! We used different collages materials and paper plates to make faces. If you have a digital camera it's quite nice to take their photo, but it in half down the centre and let them draw the other half. You could also put a mirror down centre of their photo and see if it looks like them - repeat for the other side.



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we looked at the following aspects of ourselves and developed activites to go with them appropriate to the children

height chart, weights compare sizes,

body pictures,

likes and dislikes, favourite foods, tv programmes, colours toys stories etc.

sort ourselves into sets-hair colour, eye colour shoes etc.

what frightens us, what makes us feel safe

how do we keep ourselves safe - stranger danger

how are we feeling

Can you climb, jump hop etc an chart using pictures

Do we have brothers or sisters.

how do I come to group/school

play shadow games outside try to stand on each others shadows, are they long, how can you make them short. onlyif the sun shines

ask for baby pictures, do they recognise eachother - do they recognise you-



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