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Hi - new to the forum - I'm a GTP just starting a 10 week placement in reception. been asked to do KUW lessons for electricity theme - any ideas would be grateful.


For the GTP we need to show lesson plans for adult directed and child initiated learning (which is different to free play chill time for us). I struggle thinking of the independent activities...


I'm okay with adult directed as I still have my Year 1 head on - but would welcome other ideas.


I thought I could do a brain storming what do we know about electricity, you can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't touch it..... but it's there, and fill out a mind map of kids ideas on IWB, anything they know about it or what they want to find out about it - to find out where they are now.


Also want to do a sorting exercise, things that use/don't use elctricity, cutting and sticking from catalogues, or pictures I could give them.


A walk around the school - put stickers on things that use elctricity.


Get chn to bring in battery operated toys - how do they work.


Use ICT on IWB - I know of lots of websites with electricity activities, as long as they are okay for fdn.



Child initiated/independent:

Match battery to the object.

Give them a load of objects to see if they cnfit in batteries and get them to work.

Give them a load of plugs and screw drivers to play with - fine motor.

Draw their battery toy

Make a drawing about staying safe/dangers of electricity.


Any ideas would be grateful to pull it together as it's my first lot of Fdn planning.

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