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Hello all


I am in the process of updating our small world toys and am having trouble finding toy tractors at a reasonable price. Is there such a company/brand that sell tractors the size and price of a Matchbox car?


I'm also looking for shoes for our dressing up box. We have the plastic heeled noisy ankle twisting typical dressing up shoes but I would like to replace them with flat ballerina/pumps style shoes, hopefully no more than £5 a pair. Does ayone know of such things? Or do you have an ingenious idea for dressing up shoes?


I've looked on shoe websites and in shoe shops but they are very expensive.


Thank you



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our shoe box was of the donated too big clomp clomp clomp style.. but the children loved them..


we just had donated adult shoes or big girl shoes and they all loved to clomp around in them..


we never had any accidents and heals were never very high but they felt they were..



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In the past I have bought white plimsols and decorated them with felt pens - they look good.


Other than that we've used our own kids old shoes and sandels.

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