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Playdough And Sense Of Touch


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Want to make playdough next week and link to sense of touch-any ideas? I tried putting sequins in but they just took them all out (dread to think what they did with them-probably put in pockets the cheeky magpies! :o )

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Hi Zim


Coconut dough (add dessicated coconut)

Couscous dough (rubbery textured)

Porridge Oats dough (rough texture, great smell when cooking)

Must admit haven't tried these three yet, but found them in The Little Book of Dough (Featherstone Education).



We tend to rely on a smooth, soft and pliable dough, using cream of tartar and just change essences and colours. Have tried coffee dough and chocolate dough (using hot chocolate) - the chocolate dough was popular.


If you want full ingredients for any of these, let me know. :)

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Forgot, sand dough was popular - different texture to our usual dough.


The little book of dough mentions sawdust dough (not to be mixed by children but once made is safe for children to use). Would be interested to know if others have tried this one.


9 cups of fine sawdust

4 cups of non-fungicidal wall paper paste (or white glue and water)

Warm water

Apparently, this dough air-drys or can be heated


Not sure how safe it is? Would need to be supervised, some of my 2 year olds (mixed age classes) would instinctivly want to eat it.

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we added rice to the dough but it does tend to dry it out over a few days as it absorbes the moisture.


Our children loved bread dough- just make the dough with yeast and use to play with, not at all sticky if made correctely, very srtetchy and lasted a few days kept in a fridge overnight.


many told us it smelled just like beer...... now we know......




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:o Can vouch for all of the recipes from Featherstones Little Book of Dough.

xD Our favourite dough so far has been the mashed potato dough, all that mashing etc. :D:D

We coloured our mashed potato dough green, as were were doing "Here Come the Aliens".

We made jelly dough today, red to link in with Chinese New Year.

And as for the cotton wool dough, what wonderful squidgy snowmen we made.

There's always soapflake "dough" that we cut into interesting shapes, add scent etc and dry to make soap on a rope (2 cups of soap flakes to 1/2 cup warm water)


You could always add dried lavender or herbs for a smelly and textured dough.


Hope this helps!!

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Thanks everyone! I'll have to invesst in the little book of dough when I'm not so skint! If you have time Leedwa could you let me know the recipie for sand dough? Thanks very much I really want to use th echeapest ingredients/use things I've already got at home so for want of a better idea this morning (as I didn't have time to check all your great ideas) I use rock salt which seems to have worked ok-well they are using vocab such as 'its hard' and thats kind of hat I wanted. Will definitely try the herbs when we do smell. Have tried laveder before-was lovely! when do you add the herbs jambo? At the end?

Thanks again

Ps-is it best to keep dough in fridge overnight?

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Yes we usually add the herbs at the end. We grow a selection of fresh ones on the windowsills and the children help to cut them up wirg scissors and add them in.


I just keep my dough in an airtight container

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