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Hi this is my first post, and im wondering if anyone can help me over complete brain block that i have right now. xD I have completed my four observations with their aims. Now question E4 is this... demonstrate how the observed development of the child relates to developmental norms.

Do i disregard the aim of observation and go through all the developmental norms that she has achieved or do i just go through for instance, one observation is on physical... so would i just explain the physical? another observation set out to discover her language.....

ive just had three snowed in days and ive been on a roll and i think im just thinking about it too much to concentrate!! thankyou for any help in advance :o

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Hi angi1, if your obs had an aim that would have presumably been for a purpose, but while you were observing the focus area you will have seen loads of other things. When you look at the development I'd take all the obs and write up an overview. Imagine you need to give someone a picture of the childs abilities or needs, use your obs to draw a bigger picture.


Hope that helps :o

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Hi angi1


I have just finished the DPP Core Unit 1 - handed it in before Xmas and not had mark yet so don't know if I did it right, but I wrote a section for each area of development (e.g physical etc) about where they had demonstrated 'norms' (or not) over the 4 obs. (E.g. In Observation No. 2, Child 'A' showed that.......) and also referenced to books that list the 'norms'. (e.g........as per the 'norms' shown in 'Book.......')


(Hope you understand how I've explained it)


Best Wishes



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hello and welcome, sorry I am slow replying but have had no internet access for 2 weeks and it has been a nightmare.


Hopefully your observations will have given you lots of information about the childs development on top of the original aim. In E3 you will have used SPIEL headings to indicate the childs development and then use the same headings for E4 here is a bit of what I put


'Physical Development


J’s physical development appears to be within normal limits for his age. In ‘Child Development – an illustrated guide, birth to eight ( Meggit & Sunderland), it states that a child of two years can usually ‘walk up and down stairs, usually putting both feet on each step’ and ‘can sit on a tricycle and propel it with their feet as they cannot yet use the pedals.'


Dont be tempted to combine areas - I did this and lost marks for it.


I have completed core units 1 and 2 so if you need any help just shout - also keep things in context all the 'E' sections are only worth 5 marks each so don't stress too much :o save that for section A!!!!


Who are you studying with?

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